Can I transfer photos from my camera to my Kindle fire hd without using a computer

The quick answer is no, you possibly can’t. I’m sad, but that’s just the best way it is.

Though, all hope isn’t lost in spite of this dreadful news. There are a couple of major avenues you can go down.

The first is to simply message the photos to yourself and acquire them to the Kindle. This process will work fine if you simply need several holiday snaps or pictures of your little nephew’s birthday or what, but its not much use for the great deal of photos.

The next technique is little more refined. With a hard drive, you can transfer pictures moderately quickly from one device to another, this will allow you to transfer a better quantity of pictures and will likely take much less time.

The best option, I believe, is likely the second one, especially when you seek out the “eye-Fi” SD card, compatible with most up-to-date cameras (though, as always, it's certainly best to double check). Sime, of The Digital Photography Educate site, was clearly impressed. In his review, he said,

“With the Eye-Fi X2 card, I could upload full res photos from my NEX 5 to my iPhone and then do what I wanted with them [Instagram / Facebook / Flickr etc] when you’re using the X2 card, you can connect the camera directly to your iPhone / iPad without having to use a Wifi router etc… You can also use the Eye-Fi app on your phone [iPhone and Android] to upload your images to your computer / Flickr etc. Yep – works, works well”.

He then gave a personal account of that Eye-Fi’s usefulness, which I’ve re-printed below.

“My wife and I went to the zoo with our almost-three year old a couple of weeks back and I had a look through her images afterwards, realising that there were images from her camera dating back to… well, when I gave her the camera! She’s currently using a 32GB SDHC card in there, and just leaves everything on the card! When I asked if she had copied any on to her computer, I was told “That’s too hard / I don’t have time / Where’s the cable” (Yes, a combo of the three, I didn’t press for details…;) So – I cunningly swapped out the existing card for the Eye-Fi card, loaded the app on her Macbook and added it to start when her computer starts, but to hide in the background (This is an option in the application) so basically, the camera connects to her laptop whenever it can and copies the photographs across – they are there, ready to use. Guess who won ‘awesome technical husband of the week award?’ (Obviously a lot of you are tech savvy, but well… )”

By no means let it be said that I disregard an issue of yours without making a suggestion of my own.

If you’ll allow me a brief tangent, there is a line in a single of the beloved books of my teen years ‘Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood & Sweatsocks’ by Mick Foley (which is a great book about life typically, although you are not a wrestling fan) where Mick says, “I had always felt that it was not good enough to shoot something down – It was best to have a answer”. Take that and run with it, reprobates.

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