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We are at the beginning of the second decade of the new millennium. In the first few years of the new century, we have witnessed some of the greatest accumulations of wealth of all time. The stock market was raging, real estate markets were rising and even after the Internet Stock bubble burst, it seemed that all America continued to sing that old song from the 30's, "We're In The Money".

A few minutes later some space opened up near Ana, and I went over to her seat. I reached in my pocket again, and it was empty. The other pocket was empty too. I hadn't felt a thing. The old drunk was still on the bus. I looked over at him.

If you think this is a Scream copy think again - although you might find yourself screaming! There are some similarities however between The Call and Scream like the phone connection one of the main characters being called Casey the recurrence of a one liner do you like scary movies"/"it's already done and cops even the poster is a bit reminiscent.

One question that new recruits seem to do poorly on is "Why do you want to become a cop communications?" This question can set the tone for you for the rest of your interview. Do not answer in a robotic way, and do not tell the board that you want to become a cop so you police earpiece can carry a gun.

This countrys' military Volunteers for service knowing full well that they may be called to war at any time and that living in a "cush" dorm-room-like situation does not mean they are safe from harm. Even in the safest country in the world!!!

Point out on the map safe locations such as a hospital, fire department, cop radios. If you made your own maps, have each girl draw these locations on the map. Explain what these locations do and how they can help them stay safe.

"Gary Blankinship, president of the Houston police Officer's Union, said he thought the Houston Police Department had kept track of Katrina-related crime. (Mrs. Weiner, I can't move this tab over, but this is one quote. I don't know how) '"Seems like there was more crime, and the officers talked about it,"' he said, "'but I don't have any actual data.' Varano cautioned media and public officials not to blame evacuees for crime. "'To say a group came in to a place like Houston and created a crime problem seems to be passing the buck"' Varano said.

And the business of business is to advance SELF interest. That is, the determination to make money is the overriding principle in the advance of the capitalistic ideal. Michael Douglas as Gordon Gecko in "Wall Street" purring, "Greed is good", is now being transplanted into the real world by Bernie Madoff.

There is an Asian proverb that states: "Killing is but to swat a fly, but once done cannot be undone." Those who unjustly take innocent life have made their choice albeit a bad one. They must pay the price for that decision. Society owes them no special consideration or compassion. Yes, we should forgive, but not forget and condone the crime. Remember the victims of crime and leniecy. Take a stand for justice in Alabama!

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