Turtle Beach X11 Gaming Headset Review

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My next pick for sunglasses headphones are the Oakley Fives. The Fives to me just have those signature music sunglasses look and feel. but these sunglasses headphones also offer affordability For just around $80.00 they are an unbeatable value. Sure you might be able to find cheaper sunglasses, but wont be sunglasses headphones, and after your on your fifth or six pair your Oakley's will still be as good as new.

Maxell's EB-95 stereo earbuds seemed at first like the perfect fit. Unlike standard earbuds, these have the larger "showerhead" shape sported by the headphones that come with an iPod. I've always found these kinds of headphones especially comfortable, so this seemed like a plus. Secondly, I've had good experiences buying Maxell products in the past. From cassette tapes to a boombox and some other purchases, Maxell had never let me down. Third - the price seemed unbeatable. Over at Amazon, these headphones cost less than $5. Not a whole lot to lose if they didn't work out.

The Razer Carcharias heaset for gaming features a frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz, 32 Ohms and a microphone. For its price, you're not going to find a better sounding headset than this. Music sounds great in addition to gaming. It features a 180 degree microphone, and noise cancellation. The microphone is of exceptional quality. The ear pieces are each vertically adjustable so it will fit pretty much any size head. It also has the biggest ear pads of most earphones in its class. The black foam padding is also very comfortable around the ears and on the handle for the crown of the head if you're going to be using the headset for a few hours. Included on the audio cable for the Carcharias is a microphone on/off switch, volume controls, and a lapel clip to attach it to your shirt.

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Volume Control- Make sure you are able to control the volume right from the super headphone. You may be far from the TV or at a crucial part in a game and getting up to adjust the volume may not be what you want to do.

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